Monday, May 23, 2011

E-Learning (Session 2)

U.M.C. Web page

The development of technology has made it possible to take the teaching-learning process to a higher level. Now, there are different systems which have contributed directly to the education growth. One of these systems is E-Learning. It comprises all forms of electronically supported learning based not only on the web, but other technological devices such as cell phones, video cameras, multimedia gadgets, etc. (Wikipedia, 2010).
E-learning has played a paramount role in the TEFL field as it has certainly served as a solid and varied platform which facilitates all the practices involved in the second language teaching and learning. Learners do not require to go to an enclose building or room to learn a second language. They can do it with just any new technological application in their computers, I phones, Blackberries and the like.
At present, Educational institutions worldwide have experienced the need for updating their syllabuses with the aim to implement e-learning systems in their infrastructures. Authorities in the education field have been stating that e-learning may be the cornerstone to solve many of the problems occurring in education. For instance, spread education and fight the disadvantages caused by physical space.

E-Learning / TEFL Context

U.M.C. web page

At Universidad Nacional Experimental Marítima del Caribe (UMC) there is a technological platform serving the UMcista population. The UMC has a web site which everybody can access to look for detailed information about the university. This university has also three computers labs and three OPSU rooms. These facilities provide both students and teachers with certain preparation in the ICT areas. Though the internet access is limited since many web sites and pages are blocked, students and teachers can do research on the web.
A curious and sad fact is that all the activities developed in the Computers labs have not connection with the learning of languages. The computers labs are only used to teach students about computer programs, software, hardware and all that computer technicality.

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