About me

     My name is César Rivas. I am a full time teacher at Universidad Experimental Marítima del Caribe (UMC).
     I teach English for Specific Purposes in the areas of Maritime Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Administration. UMC is located in Catia la Mar, Vargas State, Venezuela.
     I am currently doing a master’s degree in English Teaching as a Foreign Language at Universidad Pedagogica Experimental Libeartador (UPE)L. Caracas, Venezuela.

     My job at UMC consists of performing diverse academic and administrative functions. Among them, I cooperate with the UMC Language coordination for the planning and administration of the subject English IV for all majors. I also assist and orientate UMC students in the academic matters such as poor academic performance in English, doubts in the English subject contents.

     I administer an English course online (Instrumental English II) for the three-year major Transporte Acuatico. I design Instructional material to post on an online platform create with Moodle and assist students both online and face to face.

     It has been very satisfactory for me to develop my career in the education field. I have enjoyed this profession a lot and I have also learned quite a lot from all the experiences I have gone through.
We educators really need to have a vocation for this profession to enjoy it the most. In the end the greatest gift we can receive is the satisfaction to know that our students are learning.