Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final Reflection about my Experience in the ICT in TEFL course (Session 13)

Final Reflection about my Experience in the ICT in TEFL course.
     I am going to start by saying that this has been a unique experience. Taking this subject has taught me that learning about technology definitely widens our minds. There are so many things that technology has to offer that when you are introduced into that world for the first time, the experience is absolutely overwhelming. I am happy and I may give a list of all the reasons why.  I think we have been shown  the tip of the iceberg.  Now it is up to us to follow the path to becoming a 22nd century teacher or to continue to look at the other side and do nothing to change our reality.
     From now on, we have no excuses to become better educators, plan our classes looking ahead and seeing the positive of the experiences to come. I am just imagining what technological artifacts we will be using in ten or twenty years. A little frightening, but not that much to stop me from keeping on exploring.
   I am exhausted but at the same time very satisfied
   Thank you  my partners  for always being there with a helping hand to support me every time I wanted to give up.
   Thank you professor for taking us on a ride to this wonderful experience. I will never forget you! 

Fostering Maritime English Learning via a Wiki... (Session 12)

Fostering Maritime English Learning via a Wiki for a Knowledge Bowl Competition.

     Knowledge bowl competitions, according to record, started to be organized in the early  fifties. These competitions were organized between schools and colleges. Their popularity increased so much that they were broadcasted on radio and later shown on television. (Wikipedia, 2011)
     Knowledge bowl is basically a game of questions and answers about diverse topics.         
     Participants are expected to master knowledge in a broad range of academic subjects if they want to reach the final rounds. (Wikipedia, 2011)
     Why the interest for organizing events of this kind ?
     Research (Metzger, 2007; Parke, 2003)  has shown that organizing and participating in these activities really brings many positive experiences and advantages to those involved. On one hand, teachers may monitor and measure their students retention of material related to their subjects, they may also encourage their students to develop certain degree of autonomy just by asking them to prepare themselves for the competition,  and also to cultivate their confidence in their academic abilities and personal responsibility. On the other hand, students feel really engaged and motivated to learn because they have the chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a positive setting.
    For the diversed reasons explained above among others is that I have decided to organize a quiz bowl competition with UMC students who are taking the subject English VII as a way of motivating them to improve their knowledge concerning Maritime English.
     For the planning of the event I have decided to create a wiki which will be the means for all participants to  be in contact.  All participants: teachers and students will be informed, and invited to join in the wiki, they will be allowed  participate in the construction and design  of it. This tool will also be a platform for students to have the opportunity to practice their maritime English skills and share their knowledge  with their peers.
     The event will be organized in the UMC campus and all the students taking the subject English VII may have the same chance to participate. Of course, they will be informed about all the rules and procedures to be a potential contestants. Their participation will depend on them.
     I am very positive about this activity. I have been doing research about events like this and the results have been great. Students get really engaged with learning when preparing for the competition, they really enjoy all the process.  Something I considered very innovative is using a wiki for the organization of the event and for facilitating the students’ practice and preparation for the final activity.  

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