Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Final Reflection about my Experience in the ICT in TEFL course (Session 13)

Final Reflection about my Experience in the ICT in TEFL course.
     I am going to start by saying that this has been a unique experience. Taking this subject has taught me that learning about technology definitely widens our minds. There are so many things that technology has to offer that when you are introduced into that world for the first time, the experience is absolutely overwhelming. I am happy and I may give a list of all the reasons why.  I think we have been shown  the tip of the iceberg.  Now it is up to us to follow the path to becoming a 22nd century teacher or to continue to look at the other side and do nothing to change our reality.
     From now on, we have no excuses to become better educators, plan our classes looking ahead and seeing the positive of the experiences to come. I am just imagining what technological artifacts we will be using in ten or twenty years. A little frightening, but not that much to stop me from keeping on exploring.
   I am exhausted but at the same time very satisfied
   Thank you  my partners  for always being there with a helping hand to support me every time I wanted to give up.
   Thank you professor for taking us on a ride to this wonderful experience. I will never forget you! 

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