Friday, July 22, 2011

Web-based lessons (Session 11)

Web-based lessons
     According to the  World Education Literacy Division (2005) “A web lesson is  a lesson that  incorporates a web site or many web sites. This can be conducted entirely online or  it can be a traditional classroom lesson with an online component”.
     Some advantages of this kind of lessons is that they bring several opportunities for  teachers and students to exploit their  creativity, which means, they may get inspired to create original resources and acitivities,  and therefore   facilite the class development and success.
     Another positive feature regarding this kind of lessons  is the benefits  they provide to different learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic,  given the varied formats in which the information (material) is presented.
     The most important matter regarding web-based lessons is the priority they must give to educational goals.  This should actually include  specific  steps, description of how and when  the websites will be used in the course of the whole activity.

Web-based lesson
Maritime English use  in different  contexts.
Participants: UMC Maritime Engineering students who are in semester VII.
ü  Exercise  listening comprehension skills.
ü  Raise awarenesss of the importance of  oral communication skills  in    
           the maritime  contexts.

ü  Summarize  and report information after watching and listening a  
Material: Computers with internet ccess.

     Search  online video sites such as YouTube, Teacher Tube, or any other  for videos  about different speaking situations which require the use of maritime English.  ( in  any  maritime context).  Select  about six or eight videos  in which people are talking or discussing subjects related to the maritime context. Videos may include people with different English accents or different English levels.
     Have students form pairs or trios and assign a video to each.  Students  will watch and listen to the videos , take notes of  information they may think is important.  The teacher  may provide students with a short list of questions  that may serve as pre-listening activity to give them certain context.
    Students will prepare a 5-minute oral presentation to explain the teacher and their partners ,through a summary,  about the different speaking situations shown in the videos.   They must relate the videos to their current  and future situation.
   A debate may be started  to discuss about the advantages of knowing and  speaking maritime English. This would be a   way of encouraging students to raise certain  awareness in regards with the importance of communicating in such specific context as it is the maritime one.  They really need to have command of this specialized language.

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